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  • Indoor Bonsai
    Indoor Bonsai

    Choose from the wide selection of indoor bonsai that we have reserved for you! Beautiful for all tastes, great for creating a green corner in your apartment or in your office!

  • Outdoor Bonsai
    Outdoor Bonsai

    Most Bonsai must be placed outside, like normal trees. In this category you will find a wide range of outdoor bonsai, different sizes and ages!

  • Bonsai Esemplare
    Bonsai Esemplare
  • Bonsai Grove
    Bonsai Grove
  • Acero Bonsai
    Acero Bonsai
  • Pepper Bonsai
    Pepper Bonsai
  •  Ficus Ginseng Bonsai
    Ficus Ginseng Bonsai

    Ficus Ginseng: a name, a certainty! An unmissable variety among bonsaists from all over the world, so much so that it has even taken on the quality of a piece of furniture or design in recent years. We all know it as one of the most resistant and at the same time intriguing bonsai thanks to its splendid roots. But what does the name ginseng actually derive from? And why does it have this particular appearance?

  • Olive Bonsai
    Olive Bonsai

    Bonsai Tree Olive, the literature informs us that it was initially a shrub: its transformation into a tree occurred after the intervention and treatment of man. The shrub requires a constantly drained but not moist soil, with continuous watering essential to show its evergreen soul.

  • Bougainvillea Bonsai
    Bougainvillea Bonsai
  • Citrus Bonsai
    Citrus Bonsai

    Citrus Bonsai are among the favorite plants for beginners and enthusiasts: they are suitable for taking different styles, such as those with degrading or sloped stems. The flowers mark the beginning of the production of small fruits with colors ranging from light yellow to bright orange.

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