Bonsai Care

Bonsai Care


Expression of disarming beauty of nature in miniature, bonsai that you find on FLOBFLOWER, contained in stylish vases produced by Italian artisans, require a few simple attention, thanks to which it becomes fun and easy for anyone to care properly for this trees.

Optimal amount of water

Watering should be regular and well-proportioned, avoiding stagnation. Soak once every three days and, in the summer, spray water on the foliage to refresh the leaves. In order to avoid damages to the roots, give very delicate watering. When the ground is very dry, soak the pot in a basin of water for two or three minutes.

Location and sunlight

The sunlight helps this plant to grow healthy: place it in a warm environment next to a lighted window, but not in direct sunlight.

Technique for modeling the branches

Gently and regularly prune the shoots that spoil the aesthetics of the plant, and operate on the outer and upper parts to encourage growth in the inland areas.


Fertilization must be constant throughout the growing season of the plant, from early Spring until mid Autumn: liquid products should be dispensed every ten days, instead of solid slow-release fertilizer every forty days.


Repotting, to do out every two years, provides the nutrients it needs to flourish: the best time to carry out this operation coincides with the period of rest before the growing season. Firmly insert the soil between the roots so as to leave no air pockets. Conifers and evergreens must be repotted leaving at least half of the root ball, while the deciduous plants can be removed completely the soil.

The extraordinary strength of miniature plants
The bonsai, despite its small size it should never exceed seventy centimeters tall, has all the energy of a large plant: the annual flowering and fruiting are the vivid testimony of the force unleashed by these small plants.

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