Monstera Minima

Name: Monstera Minima (Rhaphidophora tetrasperma)
Family: Araceae
Country of origin: Thailandia, Malesia
Diameter of the vase: 12 cm
Height: 35 cm
History and curiosity: The name derives from the Latin mostifer, "which generates monsters", attributed to the strange shape of the leaves which takes on a "monstrous" appearance, in this rare variety the development is lateral compared to the monsters we all know.

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Filodendro Monstera minimum, the rarity that is gradually conquering the salons of Europeans!

The minima Monstera philodendron is a genre of unusual charm, this species is a real novelty. Unlike the well-known Monstera deliciosa from South America, this species grows naturally in Asia in dry weather conditions. In addition to the lush green, the unusual shape of the leaves stands out, showing cuts since the plant is young. Moreover, contrary to the monstera deliciosa, the minimal monstera or Rhaphidophora tetrasperma presents deep cuts, almost touching the nerve of the leaf, giving the impression that it has been cut manually with scissors.

Minima Monstera: plant care

La Monstera Minima The Monstera Minima loves places with lots of light, but it should not be exposed to direct sunlight, as the leaves could get burned. During the summer the plant can be taken outside in a shady position. The important thing is never to keep the plant at temperatures below 13 degrees; for this reason, in winter it is advisable to keep it away from drafts.

Watering must be carried out ensuring that the soil is always moist enough with the attention not to exceed by checking for excess water between one wetting and the next.

The Monstera minima or Rhaphidophora tetrasperma is a plant that needs fertilizing during the vegetative period, which runs from March to September using a fertilizer for green plants that you can find by clicking here

When is something wrong ?

The minima Monstera tells us when something is wrong! If the leaves have yellowing, it means that the plant receives too much water, and that the waterings must be reduced. When instead they have brown spots, they receive too much direct light: they must move the plant to a bright place but not directly exposed. When the spots appear on the lower part of the leaves, an attack of cochineal is in progress: they can be removed with a cotton pad or with a damp sponge, and if necessary applying a special pesticide..

Needless to say, this rare plant with an elegant and particular appearance can give a modern tone to the house or to make a special gift with a refined taste.

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PERFETTO, COME DA DESCRIZIONE.. La pianta è arrivata super sana e il vaso logato flob è molto bello.

Una pianta bellissima con tante nuove foglie. Anche il vaso è molto carino.

La pianta bellissima ed ancora umida segno del fatto che è stata annaffiata prima della spedizione. Tutto perfetto!

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