Alocasia cucculata

Name: Alocasia cucullata
Family: Araceae
Country of origin: Central and South America
Pot diameter: 15cm
Height: 30 cm
History and curiosity: known as the "hand of Buddha" because, when the wind blows, the leaves of Alocasia sway gently, as if to greet and wish luck to those who are preparing to enter the house.

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Alocasia cuccalata

The Alocasia cucullata is native to the tropical forests of central and south America and belongs to the family of aracee. It is one of the smallest of the genus, also known as the Chinese Taro. It is very different from other species, due to its size: it hardly exceeds a meter in height. The small, curved leaves have an intense green color and thick veins on the lower side. Commonly known as the "Hand of Buddha", it is placed by the inhabitants of some regions of Thailand right in front of the front door of the house. This is because, when the wind blows, the leaves of A. cucullata sway gently, almost as if Buddha's hands were moving to greet and wish luck to those who are preparing to enter the house. A characteristic of this family is the typical spade-shaped inflorescence. The flowers are very particular and are called spate: they are particular leaves that surround the actual flowers to protect them. They resemble the inflorescences of the calla lilies and appear with the arrival of the summer season.

The Alocasia cucullata represents an ornamental plant very beautiful and decorative, thanks to the original shape of the leaves, managing to give the environment in which a tropical note is placed. Just one example is enough, perhaps positioned in a particular corner of the house, to recreate a scenario of lush domestic vegetation.

Strelitzia:How to take care

Exposure and brightness: Native of tropical forests, it likes locations where sunlight is filtered and not direct, high humidity and fertile soil, rich in organic, moist and fresh substance. It is advisable to keep Alocasia away from drafts, air conditioners or hot and dry air sources.

Irrigation: Watering must be frequent during the growing season, keeping the soil constantly moist (but not soaked with water to avoid the onset of fungal diseases and rot), periodically adding (about once a month) small doses of water to the water. fertilizer. In winter the water supply must be reduced, in order to favor the resting of the plant.

Fertilization: the fertilizations must be carried out during the vegetative period with a specific fertilizer for green plants.

N.B. The specifications described above may vary depending on the climate of the area where the plant is placed and the season

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