Dracena Lemon Lime

Name: Dracena Lemon lime
Family: Agavaceae
Country of origin: Asia
Height from pot base: 25 cm
History and curiosity: well known as houseplants also with the nickname "stub of happiness".

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Dracena: the "Stub of happiness"!

The name of the Dracena derives from "drakaina" which means "dragon", due to the color of the resin produced which, once it has come out of the plant, immediately becomes red. In ancient times, in the Canary Islands, magic was attributed to the juice of this plant, as many wounds and even some diseases were treated with it. Not everyone knows, moreover, that the Dracena is an excellent anti-rust.
Nowadays it is very well known as a houseplant thanks to the fact that it eliminates a lot of carbon dioxide and other toxic elements, emitting oxygen at the same time. This Dracena Lemon lime variety has vivid yellow / green variegations on the edge of each leaf.

The Dracena Lemon Lime is a plant appreciated in the home thanks to its low crop needs: it loves the light but not the direct sun that could damage it and the ideal temperature is between 14 and 24 ° C. The soil (ideally a slightly acid mixture of peat and perlite) should always be kept slightly moist. In summer it is watered twice a week, in winter one (avoiding stagnation). If the leaves dry on the edges, it means that the environment is too hot and dry: they are useful nebulisations.
The fertilizations of Dracena Lemon Lime should be done every fortnight from spring until summer with fertilizer for green plants diluted in water for watering; during the winter months they are suspended.

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CuriositàMolto conosciuta come piante d'appartamento anche con l'appellativo "tronchetto della felicità".
Altezza25 cm
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Mi rivolgo a Flob specialmente per fare dei regali, e questa volta non è stata un'eccezione. Pur avendo passato 48h ore nella confezione per motivi di "tempistiche", la pianta si è presentata rigogliosa e ben irrigata. Le foglie erano tutte integre e non mostrava segni di sofferenza. Per quanto la pianta fosse leggermente più piccola di quanto mi aspettassi dalle foto sul sito ha comunque soddisfatto anche chi lo ha ricevuto (oltre che chi lo ha comprato). Il vaso in ceramica bianco è senza dubbio un valore aggiunto considerevole che rende la presentazione molto gradevole.

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