Syngoium with bowl clay vase

Name: Syngonium
Family: Araceae
Country of origin: Central and South America
Diameter of the vase: 20 cm
Height from pot base: 40 cm
Blooming: rare
History and curiosity: The Singonium is called "butterfly" because of the shape of its leaves, which look like wings.

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Singonius: the "transformist" butterfly plant

The Syngonium is a plant belonging to the vast family of Aracee, much appreciated for its choreographic leaves able to decorate any environment. It develops aerial roots and leaves that change their appearance during their growth: young plants are small and sagittate; with growth instead they are divided into three lobes and with a protective petiole at the base. It is rare to flower if grown in the apartment. Over the years, this houseplant develops its climbing nature: it is therefore necessary to provide it with a guardian on which the aerial roots can have a handhold!
This particular terracotta vase gives a further note of modernity to a plant that already in itself produces a remarkable scenic effect.
Love the light but not the direct sun. In the place of cultivation it is good that there is no stagnant air, even if it can not stand the currents of cold air. It grows well with temperatures around 20 °. Instead it suffers with below 13 ° C.
It should be repotted every year at the beginning of spring: It requires light, fibrous and spongy soil that is capable of retaining moisture but without drying out. It is advisable to mix soil of leaves and peat with the addition of coarse sand. The Singonium is a plant that in hot weather has constantly "thirsty" and therefore needs plenty of water. In the autumn-winter period, when the plant begins the vegetative rest, it should be watered only when the soil is dry on the surface. Recommended to spray the crown regularly to guarantee the right degree of humidity.
From spring to late summer it should be fertilized once a month, with NPK liquid fertilizer rich in microelements, mixed with irrigation water.

Data sheet
Diametro20 cm
H203/4 Every other day
Luce2/4 bright indoor
CuriositàIts name derives from the Greek words "syn" or "together" and "goné" which means ovaries: its peculiarity is in fact that of having the ovaries together.
Altezza40 cm
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