Phlebodium blue star with bowl clay pot

Name: Phlebodium aureum Blue Star
Family: Polypodiaceae
Country of origin: Florida, Central America, Hawaii
Diameter of the vase: 20 cm
Height from pot base: 40 cm
Blooming: rare
History and curiosities: Its name derives from the Greek "phlebos" or "vein", as its leaves present delicate blue / bluish shades similar to those of the veins.

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Phlebodium, the fern that does not look like a fern!

The Phlebodium aureum comes from Florida and is part of the so-called "rabbit-leg" ferns, a connotation deriving from the particular creeping rhizomes covered with brown hair. It is a ground cover plant and produces arched fronds with a particular bluish color. For this property, and for the fact that it has very evident ribs, it takes the name "Phlebodium" (from the Greek "phlebos", or "vein") that is often accompanied to the "Blue Star" suffix.
Like the vast majority of ferns, it has the ability to absorb harmful gases in the air.
The Phlebodium, for its unusual foliage, is a very decorative plant and this combination with the bowl vase gives it an even more interesting appearance.
It is a plant that prefers good light conditions and can be exposed to the early morning sun and late afternoon. It grows well in temperatures from 10 to 20 ° C, but can also withstand short frosts and random episodes of drought.
Requires a substrate capable of retaining moisture without drying out. The ideal mix would be a soil of leaves and peat with the addition of non-calcareous coarse sand.
It is cultivated as a houseplant but in its natural habitat it loves warm-humid environments. It is therefore recommended to spray the leaves regularly with rainwater. It does not like dry air, which causes the leaves to curl. We must also avoid watering the central part of the plant. In autumn-winter, when the plant begins the vegetative rest, it should be watered only when the soil is dry on the surface.
From spring until late summer it should be fertilized every 15 days with liquid fertilizer for green plants; in the winter it should be suspended.

Data sheet
Diametro20 cm
H201/4 Dim light
Luce3/4 One day Yes and one day No
CuriositàIts name derives from the Greek "phlebos" or "vein", as its leaves have delicate blue / bluish shades similar to those of the veins.
Altezza40 cm
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