Adiantum capelvenere

Name: Adiantum raddianum monocolor
Family: Adiantaceae
Country of origin: Europe, North and Central America.
Diameter of the vase: 12 cm
Height: 25 cm
History and curiosity: it is very similar to the famous "capelvenere", with which it shares family and origin

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    Adiantum monocolor, "sister" of the famous maidenhairender!

    It is a genus of plants that falls into the macro category of ferns. The Adiantum is a plant that for many centuries has been shrouded in mystery, as it was not understood how they could multiply. A German bookseller then unveiled the mystery in 1850: he noticed the spores in the lower part of the foliage. The name "Adiantum" comes from the Greek "adiantos" or "dry", probably due to the fact that its leaves are quite impermeable: the water slips without being absorbed. In Italy it is found in the warm-humid wooded areas.
    This variety of Adiantum is one of the most popular ferns that are grown as houseplants. It looks like a lighter variant of the normal Adiantum raddianum commonly called "maidenhair" because of its shiny leaves that resemble human hair. The leaves are fan-shaped / triangular and give rise to a small erect bush, which does not show flowering like the vast majority of ferns. This Adiantum is a fern that starts to vegetate as early as February. Grows well if not exposed to direct sunlight, and in a very humid environment: this is why often ferns of this type are placed in the bathroom. The minimum temperature at which it can resist is 5 ° C. In the hot months it needs a lot of water, in order to keep the soil always quite wet. In winter it is sufficient to irrigate it when it is dry. During the spring-summer vegetative period Adiantum should be fertilized with nitrogen-rich fertilizer for green plants.

    Data sheet
    Diametro12 cm
    H203/4 One day Yes and one day No
    Luce4/4 Full sun
    Curiositàit is very similar to the famous "capelvenere", with which it shares family and origin
    Altezza25 cm
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