Aechmea bandaged

Name: Aechmea Tayonensis
Family: Bromeliaceae
Country of origin: South America
Diameter of the vase: 12 cm
Height: 30 cm
History and curiosities: The name Aechmea comes from the Greek aichme meaning "tip", referring to the pointed bracts that protect the flowers.

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Aechmea fasciata, a bromelia with an innate elegance

The bandage Aechmea, belonging to the great family of the Bromeliaceae, is a plant that has a very reduced root system. Therefore the water necessary for growth is stored by the leaves that have small scales to hold it. The roots of the Aechmea serve only as an anchor and not as "nutrient channels". Just the arrangement of the leaves promotes the storage of water: as in all bromeliads, they create a sort of rosette in which not only water accumulates but also a myriad of plant residues and small animals that are partly taken as nourishment. In a certain sense one can speak of the bandage Aechmea as a "cousin" of carnivorous plants.
Contrary to what one is led to think, the flower is not the central red part: they are simply bracts, ie leaves of different colors, which like other plants have the function of protecting the flowers proper (thanks to the their robustness and pointed shape) and, with their color, to attract pollinating insects. The flowers of the same Aechmea are of reduced size and appear from the center of the colored bracts.
The peculiarity of a bromeliad like this is that it blooms only once in life. After flowering, the plant dies but leaves buds that will give rise to new plants.
The cultivation temperatures for the Aechmea are around 15-20 ° C in warm periods; in winter they should not fall below 10 °. They love the light, and it is advisable not to place them in direct sunlight and drafts. In the absence of lighting, the plant will not bloom.
To irrigate the bandaged Aechmea, it is necessary to fill the spaces between the leaves well, so that in each leaf there remains a certain water deposit. It is important to know that these plants like non-calcareous or demineralized water. The ideal soil is formed of peat, organic material such as leaves or pine needles, and sand. It should be fertilized during the vegetative period every 2-3 weeks.

Data sheet
Diametro12 cm
Periodo fiorituraspring-summer
H202/4 Every 3 days
Luce2/4 Bright indoor
CuriositàThe name Aechmea comes from the Greek aichme meaning "tip", referring to the pointed bracts that protect the flowers.
Altezza30 cm
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