Philodendron Lemon lime

Name: Philodendron "lemon lime"
Family: Araceae
Country of origin: Colombia
Diameter of the vase: 14 cm
Height from vase base: 30 cm
History and curiosity: its name derives from the Greek words "phileo" = love and "dendros" = tree as the plant grows on the trees almost "hugging" them!

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Philodendron “lemon lime” : bright colors for your living room

The philodendron "Lemon Lime" is a houseplant not very common and therefore unusual and particular. Its foliage is bright yellow in color which then turns to lime green with the ripening of the plant. Its cascading stems can grow long enough, so it is possible to prune it to bring it to the desired length. Its elegant but colorful bearing will add a wonderfully tropical accent to any space in your home. It is an extremely interesting plant because, like all other Filodendro species, growing it produces aerial roots that - in its natural habitat - allow it to cling to the trees on which it lives, almost embracing them: in fact its name derives from here! We also add that the "Lemon Lime" philodendron is in the top 10 plants able to improve the quality of the air we breathe and limit domestic pollution. Filters many pollutants including formaldehyde, present in carpets, furniture and household cleaning products, effective against electromagnetic waves.

Philodendron “lemon lime”: how to take care

Exposure and brightness: The philodendron "Lemon Lime" is extremely easy to grow and is not need to have a green thumb. It loves intense light but not exposure to direct sunlight. The sun filtered from a curtain would be the ideal solution. Fears cold air currents and for this reason it is advisable to keep it sheltered during the winter months.

Irrigation: During spring and summer the soil should be kept moist but not soaked. Also in the summer months it is good practice to spray the leaves. During the winter it is advisable to thin the waterings and check that the soil is dry between wetting. The "Lemon Lime" philodendron appreciates a good level of humidity that helps it thrive and thrive.

Fertilization: the fertilizations must be carried out during the vegetative period. We recommend a special fertilizer for green plants.

N.B. The specifications described above may vary depending on the climate of the area in which the plant is placed and the season. .

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