Bouganville Mini Thai

Name: Bougainvillea Mini Thai
Family: Nyctaginaceae
Country of origin: Brasil
Pot diameter: 25 cm
Height: 40 cm
History and curiosities: the leaves grow very close compared to the other species of bougainvillea and the flowers
cluster at the apex

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Bougainville mini Thai, the outdoor plant to grow on your balconies!

The Bougainville is an ornamental plant appreciated by many enthusiasts. It was discovered in South America more than two hundred years ago by the Frenchman Philibert Commerson who gave him the name of the admiral at the head of his expedition, to the point of taking hold even in the old continent: the Italian Mediterranean climate remains optimal for the bougainville. Bougainvillea is excellent for the creation of bonsai, its rusticity makes it resistant to diseases and parasites. Also indicated for the less experienced, the mini Thai variety is characterized by the growth of the leaves, growing much closer and more compact than the other varieties of bougainvillea, with the production of the flowers that cluster near the apex; moreover, it is called mini thai for limited growth compared to other varieties.

Bougainville: how to take care of it

La Bougainvillea likes an exposure in general sunny. Watering should be performed in an abundant manner. In winter, placement in covered areas is recommended to overcome winter frosts. It adapts well to many types of soil, the important thing is that it is draining. For watering, it must be borne in mind that the soil in which the bougainvillea is found must always be kept moist throughout the period from the beginning of spring to the end of summer. However, it must not be too wet, otherwise our plant risks becoming ill. During the autumn and winter seasons the waterings can obviously be reduced, the important thing is to always check the soil moisture. It would be advisable to fertilize every three weeks throughout the spring-summer season. Since the bougainvillea is a robust plant, the pruning operation can be carried out at the end of the winter season, towards the end of February by removing the weakest branches and shortening the main branches by about a third. However, we recommend maintaining the shape of the plant without distorting it, because this will allow it to be reinvigorated and made more and more beautiful.

Bougainville: watch out for frosts

Place your bugainville in a sheltered place during the winter. The cold tends to kill this plant. It is always important to guarantee good mulching. Peat, straw or dry leaves gathered at the base of the plants will allow them to retain the heat of the soil and prevent the entry into the freezing air. In this way you will have preserved the roots of the plant, that is the most delicate and impossible part, once hit by frost, to regenerate.
Bougainville: diseases and parasites
Against aphids, special insecticides are generally used, however, to be used only when the plants are not in bloom and only when insects are actually seen on the shoots. Against root rot the best cure is prevention, which is carried out by watering the plant only when strictly necessary, and keeping the soil very well drained.
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